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Create Blogs from URLs - Blog builder update
Create Blogs from URLs - Blog builder update

We are excited to announce an exciting upgrade to our Blog Builder – the ability to Create Blogs from URLs. This new feature is a game-changer, especially for SaaS businesses, enabling you to effortlessly generate blog articles from your existing web pages. Here’s how it works and why it’s a must-have for your content strategy.

Effortless Blog Creation from URLs

With our upgraded Blog Builder, you can now create comprehensive blog articles directly from your website’s feature pages, comparison pages, help articles or product updates. Simply enter the URL of the page, and our AI will generate the first draft of your blog in a click. This streamlined process saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on refining and personalizing your content.

This feature is particularly beneficial for SaaS businesses looking to maximize their content marketing efforts. Transform detailed feature descriptions and product comparisons into engaging blog posts effortlessly. By leveraging your existing content, you can quickly produce high-quality articles that highlight your product's value and benefits.

While our AI does the heavy lifting, your unique perspective and insights are what make your content stand out. After generating the initial draft, you can easily add your personal human touch to perfect the blog. Tailor the tone, add anecdotes, and ensure the content aligns with your brand’s voice for a polished and engaging final article.

Important Usage Note: Please use this feature responsibly. It’s designed for creating blogs from content you own, such as your feature pages and product updates. Avoid using URLs where you do not own the content to prevent plagiarism flag triggers. This ensures that your content remains original and respects intellectual property rights.

Launching AI-Powered Blog Builder
Launching AI-Powered Blog Builder

We are excited to unveil our latest feature designed to revolutionize your content creation process – the Blog Builder by SubPage. This powerful tool is crafted to save you time and enhance your content marketing efforts. Let's explore how our AI-driven Blog Builder can transform your workflow and boost your productivity.

Effortless Listicle Generation

Say goodbye to the tedious and time-consuming process of crafting listicles. With SubPage's new Blog Builder, you can generate compelling listicles in minutes. Simply enter your topic and choose your preferred format – whether it's a Top 10 list, do's and don'ts, or best alternatives. With just a click, our AI will generate a list of relevant topics for you.

Once you have the topics, review them, make any necessary manual edits, and let the AI generate content for each topic. Our AI even includes screen grabs, making your listicles visually appealing and informative. In just a few minutes, you'll have an initial draft ready. Add some personal touches, and your listicle is ready to publish.

AI-Powered Blog Topic Recommendations

Never run out of ideas again with our AI-powered Blog Topic Recommendations. This feature generates fresh and relevant topics based on your website information, existing blog articles, or specific keywords. Whether you're looking to explore new content angles or expand on existing ones, our AI recommendations ensure that you always have a steady stream of engaging topics to write about.

Outline and Draft Generation

Speed up your content creation process by directly entering your blog topic and using the Generate Outline option to create H2s and H3s instantly. If you need a complete draft, our AI can generate it with a single click. This feature provides you with a structured starting point, saving you time and effort in organizing your thoughts and ideas. Use the inline editor AI options to easily rephrase content to make it more elaborate or change the tone to suit your style. This flexibility allows you to fine-tune your articles and ensure they meet your specific needs and preferences. The AI-driven editor makes it simple to polish your drafts and produce high-quality content quickly.

With SubPage's blog builder, you can:

  1. Save Time: Generate listicles and blog topics in minutes, freeing up more time for other important tasks.
  2. Boost Productivity: Streamline your content creation process and ramp up your content marketing efforts with ease.
  3. Create Engaging Content: Create visually appealing and informative listicles with AI-generated screen grabs and well-structured content.
  4. Get Fresh Ideas: Keep your blog updated with fresh, relevant topics generated by AI based on your specific needs.

Start using our Blog Builder today and experience the difference it can make in your content creation process.

New Dark Mode Blog Template
New Dark Mode Blog Template

Now, with a simple click of a button, you can offer your audience the option to switch between dark mode and light mode on your blog page - with the New Dark Mode Blog Template.

Seamless Dark Mode Integration

Our new Blog Template with Dark Mode allows your readers to enjoy a comfortable reading experience, no matter their preference. With a single click, they can switch between dark and light modes, reducing eye strain and enhancing readability in low-light environments. This feature ensures that your content is accessible and appealing to a wider audience.

Setting up the Dark Mode Blog Template is incredibly simple with SubPage. Just upload your logos for both modes, configure your preferred colors for the light mode, and let our template handle the rest. There's no need for complex coding or technical skills – it's designed to be user-friendly for seamless integration into your existing blog layout.

Measure Your Blog's Success with Our New Native Analytics!
Measure Your Blog's Success with Our New Native Analytics!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Native Blog Analytics feature! This powerful tool allows you to measure your blog's performance with in-built statistics, providing you with crucial insights to help you grow and engage your audience.

Comprehensive Visitor Insights

With Native Blog Analytics, you can now easily track the number of visitors to your blog. Understand your audience better by knowing how many people are reading your content and how often they visit. This data is essential for identifying trends and measuring the overall popularity of your blog.

Most Read Articles

Identify which of your blog posts are resonating most with your audience. Our analytics will show you the most read articles, helping you understand what content your readers find most engaging. Use this information to tailor your future posts and give your audience more of what they love.

Privacy-Friendly Analytics

Unlike external analytics tools, our built-in solution ensures that your data remains secure and your users' privacy is respected. There's no need to worry about third-party data sharing, making this a trustworthy choice for both you and your readers.

Say goodbye to the hassle of integrating external analytics tools. Our Native Blog Analytics is seamlessly integrated into your existing platform, providing you with all the insights you need without any additional setup. This simplicity saves you time and ensures that you have access to analytics data whenever you need it.

Boost Your Blog's Visibility with Our New Widgets
Boost Your Blog's Visibility with Our New Widgets

We are thrilled to introduce our new release that will elevate your blog's visibility and enhance user engagement like never before – Blog Widgets. This new addition is designed to seamlessly integrate your blog updates with your website, ensuring that your visitors never miss out on your latest content.

Gone are the days of complex coding and technical hassles. With our Blog Widgets, you can now effortlessly notify your website visitors or app users about your newest blog posts. Whether it's a sleek pop-up or an eye-catching banner, these notifications are designed to grab attention without disrupting the user experience. The best part? No coding effort is required. Our user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy for you to set up and deploy these notifications in just a few clicks.

In addition to pop-ups and banners, you can now create a dedicated 'Latest Blogs' section on any page of your website. This feature allows you to showcase your recent articles, driving more traffic to your blog posts. Simply use the embed option in the widgets section to place this feature anywhere on your website. It's a great way to keep your content front and center, encouraging visitors to explore more of your blog.

Why You Should Use Blog Widgets?
  1. Increase Engagement: By prominently displaying your latest blog posts, you can drive more traffic to your articles and keep your audience engaged.
  2. Save Time: The easy setup and automatic notifications mean you spend less time managing updates and more time creating great content.
  3. Enhance User Experience: Non-intrusive notifications ensure that your visitors receive updates without feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Boost SEO: Increased traffic and engagement can have a positive impact on your website's SEO, helping you reach a broader audience.

Blog Widgets are a powerful tool to amplify your blog's reach and keep your audience informed and engaged. We invite you to explore this feature and see the difference it can make for your content strategy. Head over to the widgets section, choose your preferred style, configure your settings, and let our Blog Widgets do the rest. For more detailed instructions, refer to our comprehensive documentation.

Introducing "Customer Data Platform" CDP for Product module
Introducing "Customer Data Platform" CDP for Product module

We are excited to announce the release of CDP "Customer Data Platform" for the Product module in SubPage today. The product module in SubPage was meant for product based businesses to engage with customers by showcasing upcoming roadmap, collecting user suggestions and notifying recent updates to their product.

But there was an important missing piece to this, which is Customer Tracking. Without knowing about the customer it will be hard to get feedback and develop features that the customer wants to use. Here comes CDP to track and maintain a database of your customer's attributes. Using which you can know to approach which customer for feedback, upsell or engage.

The current release provides only basic CDP features with customer listing, segment creation, visitor details and dashboard analytics. To track customers, you have to include a tracking code inside your web software after the user signs-in. The more attributes you send to CDP the more useful it becomes to create segments and analyze data.

However in our upcoming updates CDP will become more useful as it will tightly integrate with other solutions in our SubPage suite.

Note: CDP is now available only for growth plan customers. For now there are no restrictions in historical data or user count but they will be brought soon.

Now add a free "Coming Soon" landing page for your product
Now add a free "Coming Soon" landing page for your product

We at SubPage Limited are helping startups and small businesses by actively growing each solution with new pages and features. Today we are excited to enhance our "Product" solution with a new offering called "Coming Soon".

It is important to get early feedback and interested leads even before you officially launch your application. This will help to generate interest, fix unknown issues and add features that was missed. To achieve this, your yet-to-be-shipped product requires a "Coming Soon" page. And just like all other pages in SubPage, this is not just a page (as provided in other website builders) but a complete "Coming Soon" solution for your product.

Easiest 'Coming Soon' Editor


Asks only the details required for setting up your perfect Coming Soon page. Which means un-necessary features, interfaces and data are avoided.

"Coming Soon" Templates


There are already around 6 Coming Soon layouts to be choosen from and more on the way. Unlike other builders, you can switch between coming soon layouts without changing any data. Each Coming Soon layout has an optional eye catching animated countdown timer for your launch.

Capture Interested Leads

You can capture interested leads using the built-in signup form or you can use "Coming Soon" widgets to embed into your existing content or show as a popup form.

Waitlist Manager

While the visitor enters only their email address, we capture more information about them like their OS,browser,location. All just from their IP address without using any cookies. Manage, search and export waitlist members to your favorite email marketing tool easily.

We understand a Coming Soon page is essential for all startups and it is one of the first steps in marketing your product. Which is why SubPage helps you to setup a free Coming Soon page and capture early leads without restrictions.

For more details, visit here.

Introducing Streams in SubPage - all your website notifications in one place
Introducing Streams in SubPage - all your website notifications in one place

As SubPage unifies and controls various aspects of your Business website like legal, media, hr, product, support and marketing, it is important to get notified in a single dashboard about important activities that happen in your domain. Whether it is an alert, notification, user activity, all important and relevant information will now appear in your SubPage DomainSpace dashboard.

We call it "Streams", as it unifies events across modules whether it is a new job application received, a vote for your roadmap item or a rating for your support article.

Everytime you navigate to SubPage dashboard, streams appear with latest activities that have taken place in your business website. On clicking a stream item, it will automatically navigate you to the relevant solution associated with it.

Permission based

Streams are contextual based on user's permission in that domain space. For example a user with Media role will only view stream items relevant to blog and newsroom.

More on the way....

This is just the beginning of streams, we are extending streams to more events as possible and will also soon introduce filters, search, erase, highlights in our subsequent releases.

Streams feature is available in all plans including Free edition.

New Changelog Theme: Horizontal timeline layout for displaying updates
New Changelog Theme: Horizontal timeline layout for displaying updates

SubPage Changelog software now has a new layout for displaying product updates. Introducing "Horizontal timeline" - as the name suggests, it displays changes in a horizontal layout scrolling from left to right. Horizontal layouts are popular with generic timelines, and since Changelogs are associated with dates, it makes great sense to have them here. Unlike all other changelog tools which displays typically in a vertical list, this gives a whole new perspective on how product updates are laid out.

With this, there are now 10 different layouts for Changelog alone. Each layout can be customized for style and branding. The most important of all is that our technology allows you to change to any layout in just a click. Which means you can switch between layouts to give a fresh look and feel without making any changes to your data.

Like all our layouts, it is W3C validated, responsive and optimized for performance.

Note: It is available for free. Create a free Changelog page for your software today along with companion widgets like announcement bars and log analytics.

New SubPage: Now effortlessly create a free brand guide page for your business
New SubPage: Now effortlessly create a free brand guide page for your business

What is a Brand Guide?

A Brand Guide page on a website is a page dedicated to showcasing a company's brand guidelines. This usually includes essential elements that define the company's brand identity. Key features of a Brand Guide page might include logo presentation, product screenshots, color palette, voice and tone.

New in Media Solution: Brand guide page

We are thrilled to announce the ability to create a Brand guide for your business using SubPage.app as part of its Media Solution. Just like other subpages, a dedicated brand guide editor helps to create the perfect brand guidelines for your business within minutes.


Brand guide specific features

The brand guide editor offers features and interface specifically designed to create brand guides by anybody. It requires no-tech and design skills, your PR or Media team can create and maintain them with no outside effort. Now lets go through its features:

👉️ Brand categories:

The most common categories in public brand guide are colors, logos, images and text. The brand guide editors covers them all with customized interface for each of the mentioned items.

👉️ Built-in brand guide feature set:

The colors listed in the published brand guide page can be copied to clipboard just by clicking on it. Image usage markers can be added to indicate correct and incorrect usage of assets like logos and icons. It also comes with different types of image layouts.


👉️ Brandkit linking:

We understand brand guide serves as a front end for your important brand items. But for a full featured access to all your brand resources is to offer a link to your brand folder or url for downloading. With our brand guide editor, you can easily link to your brand resource or upload a zip file containing all your brand assets. You can store upto 100 MB.

👉️ Generate your Brand tone or voice with AI

We offer the latest GPT-4 turbo integration finetuned to create a brand tone and voice for your business with just a text prompt.

💥 4 Amazing Brand Guide layouts and more on the way

That's not all, just like other SubPages, create your content once, but switch between theme layouts in a click. Brand Guide already comes with 4 different layouts that can be switched and styled to meet your preference. More brand guide layouts are coming soon.


For more details visit our BrandGuide features page.

Why should you have a brand guide page for your Business?

It does not matter if you are a startup or small business, it is important to establish branding for your business right from the beginning. It helps to provide your company with identity, brand consistency, and better recognition. So what are you waiting for, Use SubPage.app to create a Brand guide for your business right now. It is free with no time limit, no costs. Signup Now.

😄 Example brand guides created with SubPage.app


Why should you use SubPage's brand guide editor over other platforms?

SubPage.app vs Brand guidelines Software.

Brand Guideline Software like Frontify.com offer more advanced and detailed editors for creating style guides, it is great for creating hand-offs between designers and developers but are overkill when it comes to sharing your brand identity with PR professionals. They want a minimal, good-looking and accessible brand guide for using your business assets in their press releases or social media pages. Overall choose SubPage if you are looking for an inexpensive and easy to use solution.

SubPage.app vs Website Builders.

Website builders like Framer, Wix, WebFlow may offer different brand guide templates which is actually very tempting to look at first sight. But actually if you try to use them, you will have to learn their CMS backend to get things done. Also it may miss many of the built-in features like click to copy, image markers and more which is offered by SubPage.app. And switching between different layouts is not as instant as in SubPage. Overall you will be saving lots of time and effort using SubPage.app due to its brand guide specific editor unlike other website builders that have a general editor for all page types.

We will be more providing more features, layouts in the upcoming weeks to the Brand Guide editor. As always you feedback is invaluable to use, Kindly email your suggestions to support[at]subpage.app

Launching chrome extension to generate help articles in a snap
Launching chrome extension to generate help articles in a snap

The SubPage | Help package provides a comprehensive suite of customer support oriented products that include "HelpCenter", "FAQ", "Glossary" and "Integrations". It is consistently updated with new features and refinements to provide the best experience for both businesses and customers. Today's update is for the creators which is you.

At SubPage our goal is to minimize time for businesses by providing the right tools with its no-code, no-design editor. On these lines, today we are proud to announce a Chrome Extension for generating step-by-step howto guides for your HelpCenter and Integration Library. We understand it is a pain to create help articles, as it involves lot of processes like adding help steps, taking screenshots, applying pointers.

From today, this Chrome Extension removes all these redundant steps, now generating help articles is as easy as navigating a workflow. The new SubPage help extension automatically generates help script, takes screenshots and adds annotations at the right places. And it outputs as a regular HelpCenter or Integration Library article, which means you can edit and fine tune everything about it including annotations.

Get our FREE extension for creating editable step-by-step guides and how-to articles now and reduce over 80% effort in creating help material.

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 9.24.23 PM.png

Some unique features of our step-by-step creator:

👉️ Choose your annotation type - circle, rectangle, arrow... more on the way

👉️ Able to UNDO last added step

👉️ Generates fully editable article , including editable markers in screenshots

👉️ Can pause/resume workflow anytime. Useful for skipping steps

👉️ Intelligent script generation for each step (Coming soon)

Here is an example article generated with this extension

Screenshot 2023-09-22 at 9.33.40 PM.png

Text editing improvements - AI tones, RTL and CodeBlock copy fn
Text editing improvements - AI tones, RTL and CodeBlock copy fn

Text editing forms one of the core systems in SubPage. It is present in almost all subpage modules whether it is helpcenter, blog or changelog. Any improvement , will affect and update all the areas where it is used.

This update brings certain key improvements to the text editor in SubPage

Generate Text in any style with AI Tones

Now you can rephrase text, summarize, make sentence longer or write article with a prompt in a particular style using AI tones. AI tones helps you provide character to your generated text by providing option to the AI to write text in an intended style. It comes with already 10 AI tones such as Casual, Professional, Humour, Creative, Narrative and more...

Let us see an example of this text generated with AI Tones


"Text editing forms one of the key features in this application. It helps you write, format and generate text for your pages."


"Alright, listen up! This application has got a wicked cool feature called text editing. It's like having a personal writing coach, a fancy formatting wizard, and a text generating guru all in one. So basically, you can write like a boss, make your pages look snazzy, and even create text out of thin air. It's like magic, but better!."


"This application has a key feature of text editing, which aids in writing, formatting, and generating text for pages."

Text direction option with RTL

This is one of the most asked features by our customers especially whose native languages have RTL text direction. RTL option in text editor helps to write text from right to left direction. This is usually seen in languages like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew.

Here is a sample:

يشكل تحرير النص إحدى الميزات الرئيسية في هذا التطبيق. يساعدك

على كتابة وتنسيق وإنشاء نص لصفحاتك.

Improved CodeBlock with copy function

Code-block component is used for showcasing code snippets, these snippets are usually copied by the visitors for further use. Until now, users have to select the code and manually copy just like any other text. Now in this update all code-blocks include a copy button that allows readers to easily copy all the code in the block with just a click.

Example of the new codeblock. Notice the copy icon at the top of the block.

/* Code to make text blink with CSS */

@keyframes blink {
100% {
opacity: 0;

Introducing SubPage 2.0 with a fresh outlook
Introducing SubPage 2.0 with a fresh outlook

We are happy to launch SubPage 2.0 with a fresh new outlook and design. While the goal of SubPage app remains the same which is to elevate your business website, this version further refines it and categorizes the features provided by SubPage into major solutions.

With the new SubPage app, you can easily choose which part of your business's web presence needs to be improved for your organization. Let us go through them:

  1. Legal - For business policy and compliance
  2. Media - Increase SEO with articles, press releases
  3. Hiring - List jobs and manage applications
  4. Product - Streamline product communication with releases and roadmap
  5. Help - Build support knowlege base with widgets and help portal

With the above 5 solutions, SubPage helps to improve all aspects of your business in a fast and easy way. Having just a beautiful website is not enough for your business, it is important to turn your website into a professional web presence by incorporating all the above solutions.

Core UI improvements in 2.0

Dedicated Top Toolbar

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 6.43.34 PM.png

Whichever tool you open, a dedicated top toolbar will always be there to provide instant access to all available solutions, main dashboard, domain settings and account preferences. This makes it easy to navigate between tools with less clicks and also provides the underlying connection between different tools available in SubPage.

New Domain Dashboard

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 6.47.07 PM.png

The dashboard has been totally redesigned. Now it has contextual blocks based on your SubPage usage. It lets you access different tools, provides a getting started snippet for all solutions, links to helpful guides and tutorials. We hope more new blocks will be available in future like important Stats, last applied candidates...

Inviting Splash Screen

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 6.50.14 PM.png

Now before you use each tool in SubPage, it begins with an insightful splash screen that highlights the features about that tool and its purpose.

Re-designed editor

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 6.52.15 PM.png

Example editor - Changelog

Each editor inside SubPage app has undergone thoughtful changes with fresh design. It is not just the styling and colors but also how easy it is to access all the features inside each tool.

Everything is now 2x

We believe the new SubPage app, brings fresh perspective for managing the public presence of your business without the need to use multiple tools and elevates your business to the next level.

Now Publish pages to sub-directory of your website
Now Publish pages to sub-directory of your website

Hi SubPagers, In this release, We are pleased to support a much requested feature from you all, i.e. the ability to publish pages to sub-folder or sub-directory of your website.

SubPage powerups your website with important pages which could be a standalone page such as a privacy policy or page portals like a helpcenter or blog. It allows you to connect a sub-domain of your website to a page. This setup is quite easy and straightforward and in most cases does not require developer intervention.

However we understand sub-domains are more suitable for entire page portals than individual pages like policies or faq. Considering this, today's release allows you to publish pages to sub-directory of your website in addition to sub-domain support.

Which means instead of privacy.yourwebsite.com, you can now have yourwebsite.com/privacy. This support is provided for all pages including helpcenter, blog, changelog...

But please note, publishing to sub-directory requires changes to your server configuration and it is best done by a developer with back-end knowledge or a server administrator.

To guide you in this setup, we have provided comprehensive documentation for popular server setups like Nginx, Apache, CloudFront, CloudFlare, Next.js, Netlify...

Access our guide here

If we missed any server or you require help regarding this, do not hesitate to contact us.

Layouts of all our subpages are now W3C verified
Layouts of all our subpages are now W3C verified

SubPage app provides multiple layout options for each subpage whether it is helpcenter, faq, blog, roadmap or any other page that it supports.

In Today's release, we are pleased to announce that all these layouts are w3c verified with no markup errors or warnings.

It is important to use W3C verified pages for your website. As it brings in the following benefits:

1. Improved Accessibility: W3C verification ensures that pages are accessible to people with disabilities, such as those who are visually impaired. This makes it easier for them to access and navigate through the website.

2. Increased Compatibility: W3C verification ensures that pages are compatible with different browsers, operating systems, and devices. This makes it easier for users to view the website’s content regardless of their device or browser.

3. Enhanced User Experience: W3C verification helps to ensure that pages are user-friendly and offer a better overall user experience. This includes faster loading times, easy navigation, and a consistent look and feel.

4. Improved Search Engine Rankings: W3C verification helps to improve a website’s search engine rankings. This is because search engines favor pages that are compliant with W3C standards.

5. Reduced Maintenance Costs: W3C verification helps to reduce the costs associated with website maintenance.

Validate Example: https://validator.w3.org/nu/?doc=https%3A%2F%2Fjobs.subpage.app%2F

Embed FAQs anywhere with new widgets for FAQ page
Embed FAQs anywhere with new widgets for FAQ page

FAQs need not always be a separate page. It is important that Frequently Asked Questions to be contextual and visible where it is most required by your users.

We are happy to launch 5 new widgets for FAQs that solves the above requirements and more. Now FAQs created in your faq page, can be embedded anywhere with related context, SEO friendly (non-iframe) and in the theme of your website.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 at 11.53.51 PM.png

Related Context:

The new widgets lets you embed either all the questions or only from a particular section. So for example, you can show only pricing related faqs in your pricing page with click of a button.

SEO friendly:

FAQs are important for SEO, The widgets directly append to your page DOM without iFrame. Which means the embedded widget is just like any other content in your page for search engines to find.

Site Theme:

The embedded faqs automatically inherit the styling of your website, Be it font family, colors or other styling. It feels part of your webpage. Users will not be able to differentiate it.

Different Layouts:

There are 5 different FAQ widget layouts to choose from. It includes, accordion style, toggable questions, two column layout...

Update without calling your Developer or Deployment:

FAQs may have to be frequently updated, fixed for typos or grammatical mistakes. Be it anything, once the widget is embedded, your support staff can update the FAQs themselves using SubPage app and it will automatically show in your website. No need to deploy or call your web developer everytime you update FAQs.

It is available in all plans. Try them now.

Live Example: We have added pricing faq widget inside our pricing page - Check here https://subpage.app/pricing

Introducing: Google Doc like collaborative content writing for SubPages
Introducing: Google Doc like collaborative content writing for SubPages

SubPage provides a powerful writer tool to create content for blogs, policies, support articles and more. It also provides role based sharing for teams to collaboratively work on their SubPages with permissions.

Now this latest update leverages both these features to provide a Google Doc like experience in writing content for subpages with real-time collaboration. Now multiple authors can able to work on the same content at the same time. Also track cursor of the shared users inside the content to know who is writing what without worrying about duplicating or lost data.

This is useful in a number of cases, for example when writing a policy for your business, it is recommended for the legal advisor and the business owner to edit terms to their business requirements in real time. Or a content writer and marketing manager can collaboratively write their next business blog.

At SubPage, our goal is to progressively make the experience of creating, editing and publishing important subpages for your business as better as possible.

🔎 Boost your Subpage SEO using automatic sitemap.xml
🔎 Boost your Subpage SEO using automatic sitemap.xml

Now SubPage automatically adds a sitemap.xml to your helpcenter, changelog, blog, careers and roadmap pages at their root folders. This sitemap.xml file is auto updated whenever a new link is added or removed or any url change happens.

This helps to boost the SEO of your subpages by making them more visible to search engines. A sitemap.xml file is an XML file that contains a list of all the URLs on your subpage. This helps search engines easily identify and index all the internal links in your subpage, which increases their visibility and helps them rank higher in search results. Additionally, a sitemap.xml file can help search engines understand the structure of your subpage and the relationships between different pages in it, which can help improve the overall SEO of your business website.

🎉 😃 Emoji picker for editors
🎉 😃 Emoji picker for editors

🎉 There is no question that emojis add life to text, convey emotions and attract attention of readers.

In today's update, We are pleased to bring native emoji support for editors in SubPage. A new emoji button appears in the editor toolbar. This opens a popup where all emojis are listed. Here search emojis by name 😎, by category 🐈️ or skin tone 👋🏽 easily. To add an emoji from the picker, simply click on it to insert into text.

Emoji Picker is now available in Changelog, Roadmap, Blog and Helpcenter editors.

Consent logging for Policy widgets
Consent logging for Policy widgets

SubPage offers comprehensive tools to create policy pages for your business website like terms of service, privacy policy... etc. Along with the policy page editor, it also provides companion widgets to get consent for your policy agreements from users.

Today's update brings consent logging for Policy subpage widgets to record, track and analyze consent based interactions from users. With consent logging you can now track how many users in your website have accepted your cookie policy or how many declined. Same with 'Accept terms and conditions' widget.

Consent logging is not only useful for analyzing the acknowledgement of your business policies about your product, but also a legal requirement in many regions where regulations like GDPR or CCPA apply.

If you are on a paid plan and already use any of our policy widgets, simply re-publish (no re-installation required), to start consent logging.

Added "Keywords" field for blog,changelog,roadmap and helpcenter
Added "Keywords" field for blog,changelog,roadmap and helpcenter

A new keywords text box now appears in the item editors of blog, changelog, roadmap and helpcenter articles.

Users can input tags related to the item separated by commas. It serves the following purposes

  1. SEO - Automatically updates the meta keywords of the article for better search engine ranking
  2. Improved Search - Get better search results by having related keywords. For example, typing google, will bring font family based results.
  3. Related Items - With keywords, SubPage can easily map relations between different items and showcase related items
Introducing widgets for sub pages
Introducing widgets for sub pages

This is a major update for SubPage app. Before we dwell into the details of this release, Let us re-collect the goal of our application which is to bring page specific features with exclusive editors and functionality tailored for the type of page created.

For example: A policy page like ToS requires a download pdf option, careers requires applicant tracking. But sometimes a page alone would not be enough to serve its purpose. Users may require an outward access to that page or its contents. Here is where widgets come into place. Let us checkout some areas where we connect the dot between widgets and its related page.

  • Cookie consent widget is related to Cookie Policy Page.
  • What's new popup is related to Changelog of a product

Hope you get the idea here, there is a connection between certain types of widgets and its pages. The bottomline is that widgets help to enhance, provides ease of access and even deliver contextual content positioning.

We are happy to introduce widget creator inside SubPage. To begin with we are now providing three types of cookie consent widgets for Policy Pages. Widgets have their own properties and styling that can be customized to match your website. Going forth widget tools will be available for more subpages to provide an all-round functionality.

Welcome to SubPage.app changelog 🍾
Welcome to SubPage.app changelog 🍾

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Happy SubPaging 😀

Let us begin with our catch phrase 🎉

" Have a business website? Now it is time to add a team blog, careers page, policy center, changelog like this and more without breaking a sweat. "