Introducing widgets for sub pages

21 Mar 2023

Introducing widgets for sub pages

This is a major update for SubPage app. Before we dwell into the details of this release, Let us re-collect the goal of our application which is to bring page specific features with exclusive editors and functionality tailored for the type of page created.

For example: A policy page like ToS requires a download pdf option, careers requires applicant tracking. But sometimes a page alone would not be enough to serve its purpose. Users may require an outward access to that page or its contents. Here is where widgets come into place. Let us checkout some areas where we connect the dot between widgets and its related page.

  • Cookie consent widget is related to Cookie Policy Page.
  • What's new popup is related to Changelog of a product

Hope you get the idea here, there is a connection between certain types of widgets and its pages. The bottomline is that widgets help to enhance, provides ease of access and even deliver contextual content positioning.

We are happy to introduce widget creator inside SubPage. To begin with we are now providing three types of cookie consent widgets for Policy Pages. Widgets have their own properties and styling that can be customized to match your website. Going forth widget tools will be available for more subpages to provide an all-round functionality.