🔎 Boost your Subpage SEO using automatic sitemap.xml

1 Jun 2023

🔎 Boost your Subpage SEO using automatic sitemap.xml

Now SubPage automatically adds a sitemap.xml to your helpcenter, changelog, blog, careers and roadmap pages at their root folders. This sitemap.xml file is auto updated whenever a new link is added or removed or any url change happens.

This helps to boost the SEO of your subpages by making them more visible to search engines. A sitemap.xml file is an XML file that contains a list of all the URLs on your subpage. This helps search engines easily identify and index all the internal links in your subpage, which increases their visibility and helps them rank higher in search results. Additionally, a sitemap.xml file can help search engines understand the structure of your subpage and the relationships between different pages in it, which can help improve the overall SEO of your business website.