Now add a free "Coming Soon" landing page for your product

12 Feb 2024

Now add a free "Coming Soon" landing page for your product

We at SubPage Limited are helping startups and small businesses by actively growing each solution with new pages and features. Today we are excited to enhance our "Product" solution with a new offering called "Coming Soon".

It is important to get early feedback and interested leads even before you officially launch your application. This will help to generate interest, fix unknown issues and add features that was missed. To achieve this, your yet-to-be-shipped product requires a "Coming Soon" page. And just like all other pages in SubPage, this is not just a page (as provided in other website builders) but a complete "Coming Soon" solution for your product.

Easiest 'Coming Soon' Editor


Asks only the details required for setting up your perfect Coming Soon page. Which means un-necessary features, interfaces and data are avoided.

"Coming Soon" Templates


There are already around 6 Coming Soon layouts to be choosen from and more on the way. Unlike other builders, you can switch between coming soon layouts without changing any data. Each Coming Soon layout has an optional eye catching animated countdown timer for your launch.

Capture Interested Leads

You can capture interested leads using the built-in signup form or you can use "Coming Soon" widgets to embed into your existing content or show as a popup form.

Waitlist Manager

While the visitor enters only their email address, we capture more information about them like their OS,browser,location. All just from their IP address without using any cookies. Manage, search and export waitlist members to your favorite email marketing tool easily.

We understand a Coming Soon page is essential for all startups and it is one of the first steps in marketing your product. Which is why SubPage helps you to setup a free Coming Soon page and capture early leads without restrictions.

For more details, visit here.