Introducing "Customer Data Platform" CDP for Product module

14 Mar 2024

Introducing "Customer Data Platform" CDP for Product module

We are excited to announce the release of CDP "Customer Data Platform" for the Product module in SubPage today. The product module in SubPage was meant for product based businesses to engage with customers by showcasing upcoming roadmap, collecting user suggestions and notifying recent updates to their product.

But there was an important missing piece to this, which is Customer Tracking. Without knowing about the customer it will be hard to get feedback and develop features that the customer wants to use. Here comes CDP to track and maintain a database of your customer's attributes. Using which you can know to approach which customer for feedback, upsell or engage.

The current release provides only basic CDP features with customer listing, segment creation, visitor details and dashboard analytics. To track customers, you have to include a tracking code inside your web software after the user signs-in. The more attributes you send to CDP the more useful it becomes to create segments and analyze data.

However in our upcoming updates CDP will become more useful as it will tightly integrate with other solutions in our SubPage suite.

Note: CDP is now available only for growth plan customers. For now there are no restrictions in historical data or user count but they will be brought soon.