Embed FAQs anywhere with new widgets for FAQ page

25 Jun 2023

Embed FAQs anywhere with new widgets for FAQ page

FAQs need not always be a separate page. It is important that Frequently Asked Questions to be contextual and visible where it is most required by your users.

We are happy to launch 5 new widgets for FAQs that solves the above requirements and more. Now FAQs created in your faq page, can be embedded anywhere with related context, SEO friendly (non-iframe) and in the theme of your website.

Screenshot 2023-06-25 at 11.53.51 PM.png

Related Context:

The new widgets lets you embed either all the questions or only from a particular section. So for example, you can show only pricing related faqs in your pricing page with click of a button.

SEO friendly:

FAQs are important for SEO, The widgets directly append to your page DOM without iFrame. Which means the embedded widget is just like any other content in your page for search engines to find.

Site Theme:

The embedded faqs automatically inherit the styling of your website, Be it font family, colors or other styling. It feels part of your webpage. Users will not be able to differentiate it.

Different Layouts:

There are 5 different FAQ widget layouts to choose from. It includes, accordion style, toggable questions, two column layout...

Update without calling your Developer or Deployment:

FAQs may have to be frequently updated, fixed for typos or grammatical mistakes. Be it anything, once the widget is embedded, your support staff can update the FAQs themselves using SubPage app and it will automatically show in your website. No need to deploy or call your web developer everytime you update FAQs.

It is available in all plans. Try them now.

Live Example: We have added pricing faq widget inside our pricing page - Check here https://subpage.app/pricing