New SubPage: Now effortlessly create a free brand guide page for your business

31 Dec 2023

New SubPage: Now effortlessly create a free brand guide page for your business

What is a Brand Guide?

A Brand Guide page on a website is a page dedicated to showcasing a company's brand guidelines. This usually includes essential elements that define the company's brand identity. Key features of a Brand Guide page might include logo presentation, product screenshots, color palette, voice and tone.

New in Media Solution: Brand guide page

We are thrilled to announce the ability to create a Brand guide for your business using as part of its Media Solution. Just like other subpages, a dedicated brand guide editor helps to create the perfect brand guidelines for your business within minutes.


Brand guide specific features

The brand guide editor offers features and interface specifically designed to create brand guides by anybody. It requires no-tech and design skills, your PR or Media team can create and maintain them with no outside effort. Now lets go through its features:

👉️ Brand categories:

The most common categories in public brand guide are colors, logos, images and text. The brand guide editors covers them all with customized interface for each of the mentioned items.

👉️ Built-in brand guide feature set:

The colors listed in the published brand guide page can be copied to clipboard just by clicking on it. Image usage markers can be added to indicate correct and incorrect usage of assets like logos and icons. It also comes with different types of image layouts.


👉️ Brandkit linking:

We understand brand guide serves as a front end for your important brand items. But for a full featured access to all your brand resources is to offer a link to your brand folder or url for downloading. With our brand guide editor, you can easily link to your brand resource or upload a zip file containing all your brand assets. You can store upto 100 MB.

👉️ Generate your Brand tone or voice with AI

We offer the latest GPT-4 turbo integration finetuned to create a brand tone and voice for your business with just a text prompt.

💥 4 Amazing Brand Guide layouts and more on the way

That's not all, just like other SubPages, create your content once, but switch between theme layouts in a click. Brand Guide already comes with 4 different layouts that can be switched and styled to meet your preference. More brand guide layouts are coming soon.


For more details visit our BrandGuide features page.

Why should you have a brand guide page for your Business?

It does not matter if you are a startup or small business, it is important to establish branding for your business right from the beginning. It helps to provide your company with identity, brand consistency, and better recognition. So what are you waiting for, Use to create a Brand guide for your business right now. It is free with no time limit, no costs. Signup Now.

😄 Example brand guides created with

Why should you use SubPage's brand guide editor over other platforms? vs Brand guidelines Software.

Brand Guideline Software like offer more advanced and detailed editors for creating style guides, it is great for creating hand-offs between designers and developers but are overkill when it comes to sharing your brand identity with PR professionals. They want a minimal, good-looking and accessible brand guide for using your business assets in their press releases or social media pages. Overall choose SubPage if you are looking for an inexpensive and easy to use solution. vs Website Builders.

Website builders like Framer, Wix, WebFlow may offer different brand guide templates which is actually very tempting to look at first sight. But actually if you try to use them, you will have to learn their CMS backend to get things done. Also it may miss many of the built-in features like click to copy, image markers and more which is offered by And switching between different layouts is not as instant as in SubPage. Overall you will be saving lots of time and effort using due to its brand guide specific editor unlike other website builders that have a general editor for all page types.

We will be more providing more features, layouts in the upcoming weeks to the Brand Guide editor. As always you feedback is invaluable to use, Kindly email your suggestions to support[at]