Now Publish pages to sub-directory of your website

18 Jul 2023

Now Publish pages to sub-directory of your website

Hi SubPagers, In this release, We are pleased to support a much requested feature from you all, i.e. the ability to publish pages to sub-folder or sub-directory of your website.

SubPage powerups your website with important pages which could be a standalone page such as a privacy policy or page portals like a helpcenter or blog. It allows you to connect a sub-domain of your website to a page. This setup is quite easy and straightforward and in most cases does not require developer intervention.

However we understand sub-domains are more suitable for entire page portals than individual pages like policies or faq. Considering this, today's release allows you to publish pages to sub-directory of your website in addition to sub-domain support.

Which means instead of, you can now have This support is provided for all pages including helpcenter, blog, changelog...

But please note, publishing to sub-directory requires changes to your server configuration and it is best done by a developer with back-end knowledge or a server administrator.

To guide you in this setup, we have provided comprehensive documentation for popular server setups like Nginx, Apache, CloudFront, CloudFlare, Next.js, Netlify...

Access our guide here

If we missed any server or you require help regarding this, do not hesitate to contact us.