Text editing improvements - AI tones, RTL and CodeBlock copy fn

18 Sep 2023

Text editing improvements - AI tones, RTL and CodeBlock copy fn

Text editing forms one of the core systems in SubPage. It is present in almost all subpage modules whether it is helpcenter, blog or changelog. Any improvement , will affect and update all the areas where it is used.

This update brings certain key improvements to the text editor in SubPage

Generate Text in any style with AI Tones

Now you can rephrase text, summarize, make sentence longer or write article with a prompt in a particular style using AI tones. AI tones helps you provide character to your generated text by providing option to the AI to write text in an intended style. It comes with already 10 AI tones such as Casual, Professional, Humour, Creative, Narrative and more...

Let us see an example of this text generated with AI Tones


"Text editing forms one of the key features in this application. It helps you write, format and generate text for your pages."


"Alright, listen up! This application has got a wicked cool feature called text editing. It's like having a personal writing coach, a fancy formatting wizard, and a text generating guru all in one. So basically, you can write like a boss, make your pages look snazzy, and even create text out of thin air. It's like magic, but better!."


"This application has a key feature of text editing, which aids in writing, formatting, and generating text for pages."

Text direction option with RTL

This is one of the most asked features by our customers especially whose native languages have RTL text direction. RTL option in text editor helps to write text from right to left direction. This is usually seen in languages like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew.

Here is a sample:

يشكل تحرير النص إحدى الميزات الرئيسية في هذا التطبيق. يساعدك

على كتابة وتنسيق وإنشاء نص لصفحاتك.

Improved CodeBlock with copy function

Code-block component is used for showcasing code snippets, these snippets are usually copied by the visitors for further use. Until now, users have to select the code and manually copy just like any other text. Now in this update all code-blocks include a copy button that allows readers to easily copy all the code in the block with just a click.

Example of the new codeblock. Notice the copy icon at the top of the block.

/* Code to make text blink with CSS */

@keyframes blink {
100% {
opacity: 0;